basically a huff and a puff should do it

a dilapidated building in the quaint little town where we lived two summers ago, is thankfully
 still standing…barely... and i was thrilled to see it again. 

the roof is more caved in, if that's even possible and the nailed on back door to keep trespassers out, is no longer doing its job, but otherwise, it was like visiting an old friend.

even with the back door all askew and it practically begging me to crawl through it, i didn't. if it had offered me a helmet, steel toed boots, work gloves and a "help, i've fallen and i can't get up" necklace, well then i would have…not.  i mean i'm sure my up-to-date tetanus shot would have kicked in the moment a piece of jagged metal ripped through my jeans and into my leg, but i truly believe some things are meant to just sit ready and waiting, like a tetanus shot for example,  instead of actually being used.

you have to admit, the place kind of draws you in, doesn't it? deep down, you want to see more of it, don't you? or are you secretly wishing you weren't here right this second and that i'd go and take photos of herons flying over a pond instead?

but really…look...even the weeds see this building as the most perfect place to grow. maybe we could learn something from them. you know...that whole "bloom where you're planted" thing. 
or not. 
i mean sometimes where we're planted sucks and you just have to make the most of it. right?  
just keeping it real people. just keeping it real.

{written while in a coffee shop with lots of distractions…obviously}


oh, and what do you do?

For years and years before my husband retired, I was an executive's wife often finding myself at awkward gatherings and being asked, "oh, so what do you do?" OR "so, where did you go to school?" and I couldn't help but always think, really? That's the best you got, huh? That's what you really want to know about me? 


because I would have loved to have told you how I'm passionate about photography and writing  and how nature calms my nerves or how I have the tendency to fall into books and devour them and that I'm fortunate to remember all the corners of my grandmother's house.

But you didn't ask. 

So today…it's your turn 
I'm asking

are you

believing, devouring, enjoying, forgetting, remembering, noticing, loving, questioning, holding, feeling, watching, cherishing, choosing, making, needing, wanting, anticipating or realizing

most importantly
what are you passionate about

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