eight months to the day

Eight months ago I fell into a black hole. 

Well, not a real black hole. It was more like a soft charcoal grey. And it wasn't really a fall, like where you quickly hit the ground with your limbs all askew while you sheepishly look around in hopes that nobody saw you. Instead, it was like that misstep that happens when you're walking and you're sure there's a curb in front of you and nope, no curb. Just more sidewalk.

Granted, no matter how I describe it, all it really means is that I haven't been here.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea if I'll be back here regularly, but I want to try. I like it here. A lot. I love writing and sharing my photos and for years,  my blog was thee place for me to do just that. Blogging was a way of life. Blogging was part of my artistic life. Other bloggers were like family. My computer screen, a sketch pad of sorts.

And then along came the enormity of Facebook....and the beauty of Instagram.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing those platforms at all, as they certainly have their places in our daily lives, but they're different and for me, sometimes I just need something quieter.

We live in a "quick" world. A world of immediate gratification and unlike the above mentioned,  blogging takes time and patience and somedays, actually most days to be honest, I lack that. Patience is a shortcoming of mine.

But now that 2017 is here and I'm finding myself filled with so many new thoughts, ideas, stories and simply things I want to share, maybe I'm being called "home." Maybe I'm being called once again into the gentleness that lies here in the blogging world and away from the "rat race" out there.

I know there are many other bloggers who'll  be able  to relate to the words I type here tonight and are possibly feeling the same way that I'm feeling {as so many other blogger have also fallen into that same black hole} so I'm praying that maybe, just maybe, they're also feeling the pull, the need and the desire to come back "home," too.


  1. Welcome home, honey! I miss blogland too. Miss the slow down comfortable let's sip a cuppa together and catch up feeling for blogging. Don't know if I'll join in the writing but I will at least try and pay you a visit there! 😉❤

  2. I do so relate to your words ... I did a blog this afternoon after almost a 2 year hiatus. I think you described it correctly. In all the rush of social media, there is a calm and gentleness in blogland. Welcom back Beth!

  3. I know this . Because Instagram and Facebook ate my blog. I flounder with the thought of blog posting. It goes back to feeling like it was my own private project . Now I wonder. The community has shifted . We hang out in new spots. And I'm OK with that . For now .

  4. Whenever I think of leaving my blog forever or for an extended period of time, I feel I would be throwing something away. Something that has been valuable to me. It's mine, all mine. And I like that. Welcome back.

  5. Welcome back!!! I missed you! Alot! I do know what you mean though. Somedays I have to remind myself that I am doing it for me and if someone visits, but doesn't say anything, that's OK.

  6. Welcome back! I put it down for a while too, but missed the conversations with blog friends, missed the documenting of some of my thoughts and photos to share with family or friends, etc. We started a new project and I wanted to share as I had done with -this old house-... hence, Stella was born. While my blog style is quite different than yours ( I'm loud with my opinions) I think we're both here for the same reasons - good to see you again.

    I'll add you back on to my blogroll, happily.

  7. yes, you wrote exactly what I thought, I just can't take the social media quickness, we're all in a rush but who actually is in a rush? a blog is simple, it sits and waits for you, you don't have to feed it constantly and you don't have to be schedule. you just blog when you want to.

    hello! to your return. I hope you stick around.

    have a lovely day.

  8. You know that I LOVE reading ANYTHING you write....not just because you're my daughter, but because your writing takes me places I've never been. Your photography is divine and should always be shared right along with your beautiful words! Keep up the good work! Love ya...Mom

  9. I absolutely understand. The past couple of years have been filled with starting my business and taking care of my parents, and blogging DOES take time. Time I sometimes felt guilty giving. But even though I can't do it as often as I used to, I'm going to continue blogging, too. I still consider it a form of therapy that Facebook and Instagram just can't provide. I'm happy you'll be back! At least, every once in a while!

  10. Missed you! I've had to 'stalk' you on Facebook a couple of times just to see if I could find out what you've been up to! :D

  11. It is so nice to see you back here!!

  12. I don't know how I missed this but I so understand what you mean. FB connect me to things in a surface way. We like it (or don't), we share it (or don't), we comment (or don't) and we say happy birthday and think we are communicating.

    But we aren't really. It's on the surface. The blog is the heart of it. It's glorious to see beautiful photos that inspire but it is the thought that goes with it that seldom gets conveyed in a FB pic or instagram photo. And it's so easy to fall in there, to not take the time to write it out, to think about it.

    Our blog world is a beautiful one. It's filled with friendships, not people who are just "friends." It's filled with people who care when you are sick and boost you when you are low, celebrate your achievements and encourage you in your creativity. They are people who are as authentic when you finally meet them in person as they are online. They share their stories and their hearts and in doing so, offer a great gift.

    Your gifts are many, you -- one of my first blog friends. I hope to see so very much more!

  13. YES.
    i totally get this.
    and have been feeling the same way.